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Peptide Guided Remineralization Technology  has arrived

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A revolutionary new active ingredient for oral care products derived from the Amelogenin protein  

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We design oral care peptide formulations that deliver remineralization technology

to companies, consumers and dental clinicians who are looking for a safenatural and effective biomimetic solution to tooth decay.

Our products are peptide guided remineralization formulas that can be incorporated into new and existing oral care products that people all over the world use today to keep their teeth healthy, bright and clean.

We partner with oral care product companies to analyze, design, prototype, design manufacturing processes and optimize a commercial ready product  that will deliver a range of beneficial oral care functions: healthier, stronger, more resistant and brighter teeth.

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Dr. Mehmet Sarikaya

Our vision is a world without cavities achieved through our innovative peptide guided remineralization technology.

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