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DMXi has an extensive list of published scientific journal articles detailing the scientific research associated with our core peptide guided technology. 

Scientific Journals

The following is an abbreviated list of our research findings published by major scientific journals.

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Nature Materials

o Sarikaya, M., Tamerler, C., Jen, A. K. Y., Schulten, K., & Baneyx, F. (2003) Molecular biomimetics: nanotechnology through biology. Nature Materials, 2(9), 577-585.

The first study on Molecular Biomimetics that introduced the new convergent science and technology paradigm to the literature

MRS Bulletin

International Journal of Oral Science

Gungormus, M., Oren, E. E., Horst, J. A., Fong, H., Hnilova, M., Somerman, M. J., Snead, M. L., Samudrala, R., Tamerler, C. & Sarikaya, M. (2012) Cementomimetics—constructing a cementum-like biomineralized microlayer via amelogenin-derived peptides. International Journal of Oral Science, 4(2), 69-77.

The first paper demonstrating the formation of cementomimetic layer on the worn out root of  human tooth, and  showing the binding and proliferation of PDL cells, a step towards PDL regeneration.

Journal of Dental Research

Yucesoy, D. T., Fong, H., Gresswell, C., Saadat, S., Chung, W. O., Dogan, S., & Sarikaya, M. (2018) Early caries in an in vivo model: structural and nanomechanical characterization. Journal of Dental Research, 1452-1459.

A study of altering amelogenin to recognize structural defects in a transgenic animal. A detailed study of caries formation in an animal model that could serve as  a standard model for future  studies for caries formation and remineralization.

Material Science and Engineering

Fong, H., Sarikaya, M., White, S. N., & Snead, M. L. (1999) Nano-mechanical properties profiles across dentin–enamel junction of human incisor teeth. Materials Science and Engineering: C, 7(2),119-128.

The first study on the structure and nanomechanical properties of dentin-enamel junction with high spatial resolution in both imaging and structural mechanics

Acta Biomaterialia

Material Devices and Sensors

Yucesoy, D. T., Khatayevich, D., Tamerler, C., & Sarikaya, M. (2020) Rationally designed chimeric solid‐binding peptides for tailoring solid interfaces. Medical Devices & Sensors, 3(3), e10065.

A study reviewing the applications of heterofunctional solid-binding peptides for device and sensor application, in particular immobilizing functional probes design for specific molecular targets and biomarkers.

ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces

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