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Innovation and


Our team are experts at analyzing existing oral care products and developing peptide integration strategies that deliver remineralization capabilities powered by our ADP5 technology platform

Prototyping and


Once a design path has been identified, our team are experts at rapidly developing prototypes to demonstrate in bench side testing the desired performance results of the new integrated peptide products.

Commercialization and


After the prototype has been tested and performance has been validated, our team helps design a commercially scalable manufacturing process and assist with clearing regulatory product requirements

DMXi is a leader in Molecular Biomimetics and the application of

peptide technology to the oral care product industry.

We have an extensive list of product formulation & designs that enable companies to develop peptide enhanced oral care products powered by our unique and patented sADP5

peptide guided remineralization technology.


Our team are experts at helping companies navigate the development process to create innovative new oral care products that will change the way their oral care customers

think about their teeth and give their products the competitive edge in the oral

care consumer products marketplace.

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